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Your favourite anime, meme and image bot. Create memes share with your friends, search anime and manage your watchlist, collect and interact with your waifu and many more.

Why Plubin?

Memes Update Hourly

Get fresh new memes directly from reddit, only the best ones also we got tons to choose from

Giant Waifu Database

Pick your waifu from our database of 3000+ characters and more added everyday. Missed your waifu? Let us know and it'll be probably be up by tomorrow

Easy Controls

With newly added button controls you can forget about typing commands from hours. Give your fingers some rest with our easy to use button controls

Easy Grabbing

Grab your waifu now with one click. Decide to Kill / Marry / Bang with one click

Fair play

Through extensive logging and an active support team, anyone abusing selfbots or alternate accounts are quickly banned. Reporting bots have never been so easy

Anime Watchlist

Tired of moving throw 5 different sites to keep track of your favorite shows and series? Fear not we got you covered. Manage your watchlist and share with your friends with just one command

How to set up Plubin in your server

To add Plubin to your server, use this invitation link and make sure that you've given the bot all of the required permissions.

It's very important that Plubin has the ability to read messages in playable channels in your server. Without these permissions, Plubin will not be able to provide your server with the highest amount of Features. If you want to disable Plubin's ability to respond to commands in any channel, simply remove its ability to read messages in those channels.

That's all it takes! Plubin is now set up in your server and your members can begin playing as they please.

PS, Try out the new Slash Commands

Frequently asked Questions

Does plubin have any paid features?

At the time of writing, no it dosen't. The bot is completely free to use. Invite it and start playing. It's that simple

How do I contract you for partnership?

Send your partnership detaild with an invite to your server in Plubin's DM. We check them weekly.

How old do I have to be to use this bot?

There is'nt an age restriction, You just have to be 13+ to use Discord and that's all. However since we have some KID FRIENDLY FEATURES You have to be at least 18 (Depends on your local law) to use them.

Will discord ban me if I'm underaged?

Well if your'e under 13 (eg 9) and someone reports your account with enough evidense you'll get banned. We don't snitch tho. I'll take all your secrets to the grave

KID FRIENDLY CONTENTS are illegal in my country. What about that?

Again NSFW channels and features depend on discord'sfilteration system. We don't have much to do with it. Sue Discord or something