Plubin Accessibility Faetures:

Here at Plubin, our mission is to give everyone power to create and share content instantly without barriers, including people with disabilities/Disabled people.

We have built a cross-functional inclusive system, with and without lived experience of disability, focused on providing the best experience regardless of device, platform, or disability by incorporating established guidelines and best practices.


  • Screen reader and refreshable braille display support
  • Font size and high contrast settings
  • Dark mode support, with themes for dim or lights out


  • Screen reader support
  • Turn on sounds


  • Reduce motion/animation settings
  • Switch between animated and static images
  • Prevent video autoplay
  • Lower image quality on mobile for faster loading
  • Turn off sounds

Software requirements

In order to get the best accessible experience, we recommend that you use the most current versions of relevant software:

  • Latest or rescent browser version
  • Latest version of Discord Client (Not required for web version
  • Latest or rescent operating system version (optional)
  • Latest assistive technology version (optional)