Find your waify, decide to fuck / marry / kill, Level up by interacting with em, battle with others, make your waifu superior in the waifu leaderboard

/waifu Your waifu details
/waifu [name] Search for a character in waifu database
/waifu [user] Someone else's waifu

/waifu leaderboard Current waifu leaderboard
Click on button > to go to next page of the leaderboard
Click on button < to go to the previous page of the leaderboard

/waifu interact Interact with your waifu and gain XP. Use XP to level up your waifu
/waifu battle [user] Battle with someone else's waifu

/waifu drop Drop a new random waifu. You can use this feature once per hour. (you can change your waifu with it)
Click on button Fuck to add this waifu to your harem. You can have max 5 waifus in your harem
Click on button Marry to set this as your default waifu. You can have one default waifu only
Click on button Kill to discard this waifu.

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